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about // chez lenard

// We are the creators of our own being. Health, satisfaction, strength and love arise from the harmony of body, mind and nature. Our feelings, thoughts and values determine what we do and

who we are. The energy we take in is the same

energy we give. Working with ourselves is the basis

of our own life - It is the basis of our existence.

// Everyone has their own way of life, with unique experiences and special knowledge. When we spend time together, we grow smarter, we laugh and cry together, and we challenge ourselves. We learn from our mistakes, help each other, and realize that we all deal with similar problems. When we connect with one another, we automatically reconnect with ourselves. All of this allows us to thrive, each

of us in our own beautiful way.

// We work on the vision that developing the body,

the nutrition and the mind are the fundamental insights to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

We focus on personal growth by sharing our knowledge and spirit with like-minded people

from all over the world. We understand ourselves

as space holder, for innovative possibilities and

new mindsets. Places of spiritual re-encounter

with oneself through mindful contemplation

of beauty and simplicity.

// We believe in the values of inclusion and diversity, we believe in the diversity of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, experiences, and the inclusion of people regardless

of their race, sex, color, language, national origin, religion, disabilities, orientation, or age. We care about the environmental impact and understand ourselves being eco-conscious and off the grid.

Our personal growth vision and purpose

are to inspire an awakening and transition into

an increasingly conscious mindset and sustainable existence, reconnecting with the Source of nature

and purpose, through a nourishing context

of possibilities.


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